Focusing on the right opportunity

  • Prospect
  • Strategise


Designing the right experience

  • Discover
  • Define


Designing experiences right

  • Develop
  • Deliver


Optimising the experience

  • Measure
  • Optimise

Optimising the experience

Once we launch, we require a different mindset, pushing further the harvesting of value. This Diamond is mastered when operating mature products, think of e-commerce platforms or mass-produced furniture for example. In the case of a disruptive product launch, defining metrics and acting on them is harder. The good news is: if you have carefully crafted the Plan and the Case, it’s much easier.

My personal observation is that over-investment in this area tends to dilute long-term differentiation. Think of Amazon or Toyota for example. Perfectly optimised products but lacking soul and emotional connection.

Metrics (input)

An essential part of the success of the experience: how did we define success and how are we going to measure it? What are the metrics that we can harvest, and will they be help us make the right optimisation decisions?

When we launch a new feature or product, the Metrics documentation must be accompanied by clear articulation of what has been launched, what did change, and why? This empowers the organisation through carefully planned internal and external change and communications.

Measure (diverge)

The measurement part is a diverging activity as we are looking for signals to point out to optimisation opportunities. Measurement is defined by how you defined value in the first place. More importantly it allows a feedback loop to take place. We learn from our past decisions (the good ones as well as the mistakes).

Optimise (converge)

We fix defects found by our users. We implement cost efficiency. Interactions are simplified. We remove features that are not used and add others that are requested. As we change the properties of a product that is already in production, we need to accompany the change.


If you have read until this line, I’d love to meet you for a coffee or a beer, and refine this process with you!

As a final word I’d like to highlight that the definition of value very much depends on you and the organisation you work for. I wrote this with my personal experience in mind, but knowing that Non Governmental Organisations and associations would go through the same process to drive their own notion of value. As I stated at the beginning, what matters is how you use the intent to drive decisions.

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